Ever heard someone say that someone is “just one short”?

Well, that’s us! Just One Short is one big crazy family of 11 in middle Tennessee. We love having fun and we want to share our craziness with the world!


That’s me.

I’m Davina, A.K.A. Aunt D and Mama, and I’m your guide for this wild ride. I’ve been a freelance writer for over 5 years and a stay-at-home mom for so long I can’t remember how not to be.

The rest of the family will be popping in and out as we go along so you might as well meet them too!


Ok. Let’s start with the front row of the Brewer/Latham bunch. On the left you meet Petunia. She’s our typical teenage anime fanatic and Youtube nut. The center is me. To the right you find Miss Gidget. She is one of our Youtube team members and an expert on all things girly. In the back row starting from the left you find my poor suffering husband, Baxter. He’s my backbone and head worker. He builds most of the things you will see on our site. In the center is Bear. He’s the man to see for all things video game related. And, on the far right you find the man who created these three fantastic kids.

That’s right, I’m divorced and my ex-husband shares the house with us. I’m sure this will come up later in more detail, but it’s really great for the kids and we all get along like productive adults should.

On to group 2!


The second group is the Flowers patch. They start with Bug. He’s the little guy in the blue shirt and he knows everything about Youtube, StarCraft, and imagination. The other little fellow is Mr. Peeps. He’s in charge of general mayhem and saying the cutest things you’ve ever heard. The parents are my brother TJ, a builder and big-time DIY guy, and his lovely wife, Brenda. Her talents lie in crafts and you will see her from time to time in those posts.

Not pictured is my mother. She makes #11 and is the glue that holds this crazy bunch together.

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