World of Warcraft Darkmoon Faire 101: The Complete Player’s Guide

Today we are going to look at World of Warcraft’s Darkmoon Faire. The faire is a world event that happens once a month. It starts at 12A.M. on the first Sunday morning of the month and ends at 11:59P.M. Saturday night. The week-long event is open to both Horde and Alliance players and takes place on Darkmoon Island, which is a neutral sanctuary zone.


In this guide we will look at this event and all the wonders it offers to both Horde and Alliance participants.

Getting There

Talk to the Darkmoon Faire representative in any major city to be transported to the staging area.


The staging area for Horde players is located in Mulgore, just outside of Thunder Bluff.


The Darkmoon staging area for Alliance players is located in Goldshire, right outside Stormwind City.


As soon as you go through the portal you will find yourself at the top of a path leading downhill.

Darkmoon Island is a no-fly zone.


You can use your own mount, or borrow one from “Dusty” Brandom near the portal.

Follow the winding path down the hill to the faire grounds.



There are several people of interest inside the Darkmoon Faire. They are vendors and quest givers that you will want to visit.

Once inside the gate, turn to the tent on the right and purchase Darkmoon Game Tokens from Zina Sharpworth, the token vendor.


Across the way you will find Selina Dourman. She is the Faire Information person.




Selina also gives a quest for tailoring that grants +5 to your tailoring skill. This quest is available one time per faire event.

The next NPC will be on your left.


Professor Thaddeus Paleo is a cards vendor. He also gives a once-per-faire quest that grants +5 to your Archaeology skill.

At the shooting gallery you will meet Rinling.


Rinling gives out three profession quests. He gives quests for mining, leatherworking, and engineering.

If you are looking for something sweet to eat, see Aimee. She is the pie, pastry, and cakes vendor.


Gelvas Grimegate is the Souvenir and Toy Prizes vendor.


At his stall you use Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets to purchase items. Some of his notable offerings include:

  • Darkmoon Top Hat (10 tickets)
  • Darkmoon Balloon companion (90 tickets)
  • Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire (90 tickets)
  • Darkmoon Storage Box 16 slot bag (1 ticket)

In one tent you will find three vendors.


Daenrand Dawncrest sells heirloom prizes. These are pieces of account-bound heirloom gear.

Baruma and Barum sell replica armor prizes for transmogrification.

You should note that if you need a forge or anvil they are in this tent.

Kerri Hicks is next to their tent.


Kerri gives the Test your Strength quest. For this assignment you carry the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide in your bag and kill 250 creatures that grant experience points. Upon turning in the quest you will receive 10 tickets.

Across from Kerri you will see Faldar and Sylannia.


Faldar Willowshade is a Draughts and Tinctures vendor. He sells elixirs that are useful for dungeons and raiding.

Sylannia is your drink vendor. She sells all the drinks needed for the Fairegoer’s Feast achievement. She is also the person to see for the +5 to alchemy skill quest.

Behind their stall you will find Stamp Thunderhorn. He is a Food Vendor and sells all the foods that you need to eat for the Fairegoer’s Feast achievement.


Stamp also gives quests for +5 to your cooking and fishing skills.

At the far back you will find Chronos.


He’s a helpful fellow and gives quests that add +5 to your jewelcrafting, first aid, herbalism, and skinning skills.

Lhara is back out on the main road through the grounds. She is the Pet and Mount Prizes vendor.


Here you can spend tickets on pets and mounts.


She offers two mounts, the Darkmoon Dancing Bear and the Swift Forest Strider for 180 tickets each.

The next stall houses Boomie Sparks.


Boomie is the fireworks vendor. Here is where you can purchase the fireworks for the Taking the Show on the Road achievement.

Across from Boomie is Chester, the vestments and oddities vendor.


Chester takes tickets in exchange for toys and clothing items.

Behind Chester’s wagon there is a short path. The path leads you to Sayge.


Sayge does palm readings and also gives the +5 skill quests for enchanting and inscription.

If you’re a blacksmith, be sure to visit Yebb over by the zoo exhibit.


Yebb Neblegear gives a quest that increases our blacksmithing skill by 5.

Across from Yebb is a huge arena. At the doors you will find Korgol Crushskull.


Korgol is the Pit Master at the Deathmatch Pavillion.

On your way to the boardwalk you can check out the concerts going on at the stage area.


If you go onto the boardwalk and look to your left you will see the fishing stall.


Steven Stagnaro is the fishing trainer.

Tatia Brine sells standard fishing supplies.

The fishing prizes vendor is Galissa Sundew. You can use the Darkmoon Daggermaw that you catch to buy items. There are three notable prizes in Galissa’s stash:

  • Blorp’s Bubble (pet)
  • Translucent Shell (pet)
  • Darkwater Skate (mount)


No faire is compete without games. The game quests can be completed daily for a Darkmoon Game Prize.


Inside the box you will find tickets and other great surprises!

Each game booth NPC will have a screen that shows the quest, how to play, and a line of text to click when you are ready to play.


Every game costs one token to play.



This is the World of Warcraft version of whack-a-mole. In this version, stuffed gnolls pop up from the barrels and the player has to hit them with a giant hammer.

Score 30 points within the time limit to win!

Humanoid Cannonball


Talk to Maxima to get shot from the cannon.

Drop the wings to try to hit the target in the water. Score 3 points to win.

You can talk to the little guy fishing on the beach to get teleported back to the cannon for a small fee if you don’t feel like running all the way back to the cannon.

He Shoots, He Scores!

See Rinling a the shooting gallery to play.


The goal of this game is to score 25 points before the timer runs out. You have 60 seconds per round.

Tonk Commander

In this game you get to play as a little tonk!


Hit 30 targets within the time limit to win. Just watch out for the other tonks and airships.

Darkmoon Pet Battles

See Christoph VonFeasel and Jeremy Feasel if you are looking for some battle pet action.

They award experience, gold, and Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies.

Firebird’s Challenge


In this game you are granted magic wings and rings appear above the faire grounds.

Fly through at least 15 rings before the time runs out and the wings disappear.

Each ring grants a time boost to the clock.

Target: Turtle

Ever play ring toss?


The object is simple. Toss the rings onto the spike on the turtle’s back.


Down on the boardwalk you’ll find racetracks on both sides.


There are several races to run. Talk to the Race Official at either track to get started!


There is a long list of achievements associated with the Darkmoon Faire.

Come One, Come All!

Attend the Darkmoon Faire

Quick Shot

Score a quick shot at the shooting gallery

Faire Favors

Complete 6 profession-based quests

Taking the Show on the Road

Launch Darkmoon Fireworks in every friendly capital city. You can buy the fireworks from Boomie.

Darkmoon Racer Jockey

Complete The Real Race with the Racing Strider within 20 tolls

Darkmoon Race Enthusiast

Complete Welcome to the Darkmoon Race or The Real Race with the Racing Strider

Darkmoon Racer Leadfoot

Complete The Real Race with the Racing Strider within 15 tolls

Blast Off!

Complete The Real Race with the Rocketeer within 25 tolls


Complete The Real Race with the Wanderluster within 25 tolls


Complete The Real Race with the Powermonger within 25 tolls

Big Race Enthusiast

Complete The Real Big Race with the Racing Strider within 40 tolls

Rocket Man

Complete The Real Big Race with the Rocketeer within 40 tolls


Complete The Real Big Race with the Wanderluster within 40 tolls


Complete The Real Big Race with the Powermonger within 40 tolls

Step Right Up

Play 5 Darkmoon games

Flying High

Collect 10 Blazing Rings in one flight session of Firebird’s Challenge


Collect 25 Blazing Rings in one flight session of Firebird’s Challenge

Blastenheimer Bullseye

Score a bullseye when launched from the Darkmoon Cannon

Triumphant Turtle Tossing

Get 10 rings onto Dubenko the turtle in one session of Ring Toss

That’s Whack

Score 45 points on Whack-a-Gnoll

Reward: Hog’s Studded Collar

Fairegoer’s Feast

Consume one of every Darkmoon food and drink

The food is sold by Stamp Thunderhorn

Drinks are sold by Sylannia

I Was Promised a Pony

Ride a Darkmoon Pony

Darkmoon Duelist

Win the Darkmoon Deathmatch and receive a Pit Fighter trinket

Darkmoon Dungeoneer

Turn in all 5 dungeon Darkmoon Artifacts

Darkmoon Defender

Turn in all 3 battleground Darkmoon Artifacts

Darkmoon Despoiler

Turn in all 8 Darkmoon Artifacts

That Rabbit’s Dynamite

Slay the ferocious Darkmoon Rabbit

Ace Tonk Commander

Score 45 hits in one session of the Tonk Challenge

Reward: Darkmoon Tonk Controller

Darkmoon Like the Wind

Stay aloft with the Wanderluster’s Glider for more then 10 seconds

Hey, You’re a Rockstar!

Participate in the Blight Boar concert

Taking This Show on the Road

Have each of the band’s roles assigned to you after participating in the Blight Boar concert

Perfect Performance

Participate in a perfect performance of the Blight Boar concert

Mosh Pit

Don’t allow any ghouls to reach Devlynn Styx during the Blight Boar concert


The exit is located on the boardwalk and is flanked by both factions’ flags.

Remember the faire happens every month so you have plenty of chances to get everything you want or need. Have fun and enjoy the Darkmoon Faire!




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