Spiral Knights: A Basic Overview From A New Player


Today we are going to look at a little game called Spiral Knights.

Spiral Knights is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) that was released on Steam in 2011. It’s a Java based game created by Three Rings and published by Sega.

Note: Spiral Knights is now run by Grey Havens which took over operations of the now defunct Three Rings Design company.

The game was nominated in four categories in the 2011 Game Developers Choice Online Awards including: Best Visual Online Arts, Best Online Game Design, Best Audio for an Online Game, and Best New Online Game. It won Best Online Game Design.


Personally I love the fact that there is a full website available for players. The site is kept up-to-date and offers information, new content previews, and active player forums.

This is big plus in my book for a game that is free-to-play with no subscription option at all. Real money can be used to purchase Energy Credits that can be exchanged for in-game currency or some items, and I did notice an optional expansion DLC (download) that was about $5.00 (USD) on Steam. However, in the grand scope of things there is really very little to spend real money on. For me this really sets Spiral Knights apart from other free-to-play MMOs that limit content, items, and features for players unless they are willing to part with real cash for store purchases or a subscription.

The Game

The story of the game is that you are a knight of the Spiral Order and your ship, the Skylark has crash-landed on the planet Cradle. Cradle is full of monsters that live in the Clockworks underground. You must fight your way through the Clockworks and complete missions. The Clockworks are constantly changing in real time so it’s never the same experience.

Players are offered the opportunity to play cooperatively or they can battle each other in player-versus-player mode (pvp). There is a guild feature that includes a customizable guild hall. There is a limit of four players for a Clockworks party and guild size is capped at 100 members. You can also choose to play solo.


There are three character slots available on the log in screen. I don’t see a way to increase the amount of slots, so it looks like this is it.


After you choose a character and log in you are taken to the screen above. Here you can choose actions like Go to Haven or start a mission.


The character screen is pretty easy to read. I like that you can have an item equipped to use and another of the same time that is for costume purposes. If you find something you like the look of you can wear it just for the appearance!


This is your Arsenal screen. It shows all of your equipment and makes changes to your gear easy.


This shot shows the Alchemy screen. You will use Alchemy Machines throughout the world to create items. As you go along you learn recipes to create new things.


To go on a new mission you can open the Missions Screen from your interface or you can talk to a mission giver like the one above. The yellow bubble means he has something to tell you!


This is the Missions screen. Here you can choose a mission to work on. Some can be repeated and others cannot.

Once you click on a mission you can see a description, rewards, and a start button.

The screenshots above were taken during a mission. As you can see, Spiral Knights is a top-down view game and you can cannot move the camera.

Moving the mouse turns your character and your W,S,A,D buttons move you around. The movement is similar to a console game.

To attack, click on the enemy and you will use your equipped weapon. Picking up items is as easy as just walking over them.

Overall, the game is pretty straight forward and not too complicated for a new player to pick up quickly.


When you aren’t on a mission you can hang out in Haven. Haven is a little town that is the main hub for activity.

This is where you will find other players running around and hanging out. If being social is your thing, this is where you will want to spend some time and make connections. You can have up to 250 people on your friends list, so make some friends to play with!


The auction house is located in Haven’s Town Square and like most other MMOs I’ve played, it looks like the place to be!


Haven also has merchants selling a variety of items.


Overall, I feel that Spiral Knights is certainly worth taking a look at. It’s simple enough that it doesn’t require a huge time commitment to learn, yet offers a good dose of fun to keep you interested.

In the realm of free-to-play MMOs it’s certainly one of the best I’ve had the privilege of playing.


As always I would like you to know that I do these reviews and guides on my own. I am not affiliated with any company and am not compensated for doing this. I am just one player sharing information and my opinion with others. 



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