Hot Topic Order Review September 2017

The Christmas shopping continues and today we are opening our Hot Topic order!

Hot Topic was always my go-to store for goth gear. I never thought of them for anime and sci-fi stuff. However, in my search for perfect gifts I found myself pleasantly surprised by their offerings


For this order I took advantage of Hot Topic’s Hot Cash coupons. You can use more than one per order, and I had two so I got $30 off!

Ordering was easy, and with regular shipping it took about 8 days to get my package. They provide tracking through FedEx and my box was delivered by USPS. Overall, I am very happy with the ordering process and shipping.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff and see what was inside the box!

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with Hot Topic and have not been asked to do this review. I will not receive anything for giving this unbiased review. I have included links to the site and items if you want to look at them, but I will not get anything for your purchases. I just put them in for your convenience. 
A little theme music!

#1 Yuri On Ice Katsuki Tee


I found this Yuri On Ice tee and I just had to get it!

The shirt features Yuuri Katsuki, and in a size small was $22.90.

For the price I’m very happy with this item. The graphic fits nicely on the shirt and the fabric is pretty good quality.

#2 Yuri On Ice Character Tee


The second item in the box is another tee from Yuri On Ice. This one was also $22.90 in size small.

The shirt features Yuuri Katsuki, Vikor Nikiforov, and Yuri Plisetsky. The print is really great. It’s bright and fits the shirt really good. I love the fabric on this too, nice and thick. This one should hold up well to lots of wear.

#3 Black Butler Tee


Who can resist everyone’s favorite demon butler from Kuroshitsuji holding a kitty?!

I love the graphic on this tee! Really, I only have one nit-pick about it, and that is that I wish they had played out his red eyes a bit better.

Again the small size tee was $22.90. But I have some good news for the fuller lady fans…this one is available in plus sizes too!

For the price it’s a nice shirt and I am happy with it overall, but I will tell you that compared to the others the material is not as good. It’s much thinner and I fear it will not last long if worn and washed often.

#4 Dr. Who Backpack

Last, but not least is the Dr. Who backpack.

For $34.95 this is a decent backpack. I love the tech pocket in it. It fits a 15.6″ laptop with no problem. It also features water bottle pockets on the sides, and zippered pouch on the front.

I’m rather happy with this haul and glad to see Hot Topic’s anime section expanding. I’m definitely going to keep them on my list of places to shop for anime and sci-fi gear.



Davina Brewer is a freelance writer, gamer, and stay-at-home mom.

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