Go On An Adventure! 3 Tips For Taking Your Child On A Day Hike

Did you know that the average person in the US spends almost half of their day staring at a screen?

If your child is anything like Mr. Bug, an internet outage is sure signal of an apocalyptic event. Even suggesting unplugging and going outside will set off the sound of groans and protests. Ugh.

You want your child to get up and get some fresh air, but how do you do it without the struggle? Aunt D. and Uncle Bax have finally found the answer. Go on an adventure. Take a day hike!

Here are our 3 tips for a successful day hike with your child.

1) Be Prepared

It can’t be said enough, NEVER go on a hike without the essentials. Anything can happen, even on a short day hike. You should always take a backpack with appropriate gear.

Section Hiker has a fantastic blog listing the 10 things that should be in every hiker’s pack. I definitely suggest checking it out before you go.

Also, don’t forget the camera, your child’s favorite snacks, and some juice boxes. You can even take a lunch.

2) Choose an Interesting Day Hike Trail

The more interesting the hike is, the better the odds of your kid having fun. Pick a trail with lots of things to see and places to explore.

The old well house. There’s a flowing mountain spring inside!

For our day hike we chose Black Mountain in middle Tennessee. Its portion of The Cumberland Trail features lots of rock formations and overlooks, as well as the remains of buildings from long ago. Mr. Bug had a blast going from place to place climbing on the rocks and checking out the old building sites.

3) Let Your Child Lead the Way

Mr Bug and Uncle Bax checking out a new portion of the trail.

Any kid will tell you, following adults around all day is NOT fun!

Let them take the lead. Your child will find day hiking more enjoyable if they get to move at their own pace and can choose where they want to go. It’s OK to stop and explore an area.

This is also a great opportunity for some fun with imagination! You can hunt for dragons, search for fairies, or even be a group of adventurers discovering a new land!

What’s up with this?

A great day hike with your child is all about having fun together. Take it slow, explore, and enjoy the time together.

Who knows? Maybe you both will want to turn off the screens more often!



543731_10151175683197729_142951322_n Davina is the leader of Just One Short and freelance writer for hire. For more information on her writing services check out Life Copy.

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