5 Tips For Keeping Kids Safe Around The Swimming Pool

A backyard pool is a great way increase family fun. Nothing is better on a hot day than splashing around in the water.

However, you can never ignore safety around the water. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 victims of drowning are kids under age 14, and for every child that dies, 5 more are treated for drowning related injuries.

Don’t become a statistic. Follow these 5 tips to help your pool stay a fun and safe addition to your home.

1) Put Up a Fence – Install a fence around your pool with a self-latching gate. In some areas it’s the law, and it’s often required by insurance companies. A fence around the pool area makes it harder for children to access the water. You can also put an alarm on the gate to let you know when someone enters the pool area.

2) Always Watch The Kids – Never allow children to be around the pool unsupervised. The Red Cross recommends having a person who is in charge of watching the water when people are in the pool. Having someone watching reduces accidents by making sure rules, such as no running, are enforced. Someone keeping an eye on the pool at all times also cuts down response time if something goes wrong.

3) Teach Your Kids How To Swim – Make sure your children know how to swim. Several organizations offer free swimming lessons. Small kids or those who don’t know how to swim should wear a vest or floatation gear anytime they are inside the pool area.

4) Avoid The Drains – Ensure that all drain covers are in place and undamaged. Teach children not to play around the drains. The suction can pull them down and cause drowning by sucking in limbs, hair, or swim suits.

5) Learn CPR – Be prepared in case the unthinkable should occur. All adults in the home should be certified in CPR. Classes are available at many hospitals and through the Red Cross. A quick response can save a life.

With a few preventative measures in place you can keep your kids safe and have a blast all summer!

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