10 Songs For Your Game Time


Let’s face it, video games rock!

Playing video games to music is even better!

Choosing the right songs for your game can enhance the experience greatly. Suddenly, you are immersed in a world of sight and sound that makes your game session all the better.

Here’s a selection of songs that are the perfect accompaniment for your gameplay.

1) Indestructible – Disturbed

This is perfect for first-person shooters, MMORPG raids, and PVP scenarios. You’re invincible, the ultimate warrior, kicking ass and taking names. You bring death to all enemies!

2) You’re Going Down – Sick Puppies

A good old fight song for PVP gamers. There can be only one victor. You’re ready for war. Take ’em down!!

3) Click Click Boom – Saliva

This one was featured on the Fast and Furious soundtrack. It’s and fast and hard song that fits perfectly with driving games with a need for speed.

4) Thunder Kiss ’65 – White Zombie

A classic metal car song from a great metal band. What could be better for a driving game than a song about a 1965 Mustang?

5) No One Gets Left Behind – Five Finger Death Punch

A military metal song for your military themed game. Five Finger Death Punch delivers the perfect backdrop for your team. Great for PVP or multiplayer games.

6) Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin

Once super popular for fan-made Halo videos, this one is great for military games, shooters, and team PVP play.

7) Boom – P.O.D

If you have a game that’s fast and has decent action this is your song! It’s a challenge song centered on taking down the opponent. We recommend this piece for shooters, PVP, and sports games.

8) Misty Mountains Cold – The Hobbit Soundtrack

This piece is a must-have for any open-world fantasy game. It works well while traveling. Bonus points if you’re dwarf!

9) If I Had a Heart – Fever Ray

Feel like a Viking? This is the right song for you. It’s good for fantasy games and anything with an open-world platform where you amass materials (Minecraft, World of Warcraft, or Skyrim).

10) Cryptorchid – Marilyn Manson

Be warned! This is one really creepy song when listening through a headset in the dark while playing a horror game!

There you go. 10 great hits for your gaming session. Grab your MP3 and get your game on!


543731_10151175683197729_142951322_n Davina is a mother of 3 and freelance writer for hire. For more information on her freelance writing services check out https://lifecopy.net/.

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